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English is a language that everyone should be good at because it is an international language and it will always be helpful in your life to have a good command of the English language. It assumes even greater importance in Singapore because it is the medium of education. A difficulty to write good English has made many students get lower marks in other subjects.

A Perfect Fluency in the English Language

All the subjects are taught in English from your primary class to the university level. This means that you should have a good grasp of English if you want to understand other subjects. Even if you understand the subjects when taught in class, you may find it difficult to write the exams because you must explain in good English to get good marks. What you need is a good English tuition Singapore has got.

English Tuition Centre Singapore

It is even more important for students of art subjects to master this language. Subjects like Literature, Economics, Geography, and History require the students to write long essays. This will need to be written in good English. That makes it essential to have a good fluency in the English language.

It is compulsory to pass the General Paper exam if you want to get an admission in any university. In this paper, correct usage of English is very important. Many students have found it difficult to get good marks only because of their lack of knowledge of proper English. It is very important to master the language so that you get good marks in this paper. Tuition Grader can offer very good English tuition for your children.

Improve Your English With Our Highly Experienced Tutors

Another important factor that is making our students use wrong English is the spread of social media and other mass media, where the standard of English used is very low and without the basic grammar. This language has become so popular among the students that they have forgotten the correct usage of the English language.

It must be understood that good English usage has its value wherever you go. Even when you get a job, you will be respected if you can speak or write good English. This cannot be learned at the English tuition centre. What you need is a tutor who will pay full attention to you and teach you good English. A private tutor can understand where you are weak and coach you in those areas. The tutors provided by Tuition Grader are of the best quality and highly experienced.

Good English Is Essential For Good Communication

Communication is when you pass an idea to another person. Language is very important for this purpose. Whether you are communicating a solution to a problem in your work or you are communicating your answers to the questions in your exams, the language that you use must be properly used. Any wrong usage of the language could change the meaning of what you wish to communicate. If you are at school or college and write an answer using the language in the wrong way, your answer will not get any marks. If the language is not used properly what you wish to convey may not be what is understood by the person who is checking your answer papers.

The Importance of Learning English in Singapore

Learning the English language is not just important in Singapore but all over the world. But it assumes even greater importance in Singapore because all the education in the nation is conducted in English. Unless you know the language well, you will not understand what is being taught in school or college. As you go up the classes it is essential that you understand what is being taught very well because there will be very little time for anyone to explain things to you again and again. This is the reason that you should consider finding a good English Tuition in Singapore.

It is not just enough to understand what is being taught, but you must be able to reproduce the same while answering questions in the exam. This is where many students falter. If they are not proficient in the language, what they answer might not be put in the right manner and end up being the wrong answer. This can get them low scores not just in English but in other subjects as well. It is very important that a student knows how to express well in English. Nowadays, you can easily find the good English Tuition Centre in Singapore and investing in an English Tuition will surely pay off really well in the long run.

Singapore has a multicultural society where people from many countries live together. English is the only language that can be used as the one to communicate with all these people because it is an international language and everyone studies it in school. If you are good at English then you can communicate better with people in the community. In most of the countries speaking good English is considered a positive aspect of a person.

English is the language of business across the globe. All communication in business is done in English and if you are not fluent in the language you could end up remaining at the bottom while others reach a higher position. It is not enough that you know your job well, but it is important that you are able to communicate what you have done in the best manner. It is essential to make people know about the good work that you are doing.

Why Do Students Find English Difficult?

For someone who is used to communicating regularly in English, it may be difficult to understand why students find the language difficult to learn. In most countries where English is not the native language, it is difficult because the opportunity to use English is very little. As the spoken language at home and in other places is difficult there is no way a student can use the language and make them fluent in it. In most homes in Asia, the language used is very different from English. This makes it difficult to practice speaking in English.

Switching from one mother tongue to English is not easy. The vocabulary is totally different. This is especially true with Asian languages which have no connection with English. When studying English, the student has to learn new words, new pronunciation, and new grammar. All of this can be a little too much of a burden for a school student. Unless they learn the language in a proper manner, they cannot score marks in the exams.

It may not be true in many schools, but at least in some schools, the teachers themselves use different pronunciations while teaching English. You must be very careful about this even when you are arranging English tuition in Singapore for your child. You must seek a teacher who has the right pronunciation and usage.

Home Tuition Is the Best Solution

Arranging for English tuition at home is the best way to make your child learn English well and score good marks in it. You can check the various online tuition providing sites and get a teacher who is good in the language. You must ensure that you talk to the teacher before you employ him or her because you must make sure the tutor can speak the language well. The tutor is going to influence your child's English capabilities in the future.

You can get affordable home tutors from an English tuition centre to come home and make your child proficient in the language. Home tuition will allow the tutor and the child to have long conversations in English which will make your child fluent in the language. The tuition class that you arrange for your children at the school level will go a long way in helping them in college education and career.

Master The Language The World Speaks

If there is one universal language that is spoken and understood by a huge number of people around the world, it is English. It is the language that countries use to speak with each other. It is the language in which business takes place. It is the language that is used mostly for higher education around the globe. It is no different in Singapore too. Being a multicultural society, English is the common language that you can use to communicate with each other. You must be proficient with the language and for this, English tuition in Singapore is the best way.

The Importance Of English For School Students

It is highly important, especially for school students to become proficient in the language because without this they won't be able to do their higher studies in any of the streams. Science subjects use a lot of technical terms which are in English. You must write your answers very clearly so that they are understood correctly by those correcting your papers. The one to one English tutor in Singapore can help you improve your English proficiency.

The students who study arts subjects in their colleges will need to use the language in an even better way because they are expected to write long passages. There is no doubt that students who aspire to do their higher studies in other countries should be good in the language. To become an expert in the language you can arrange a tutor from an English tuition centre in Singapore.

How Is An English Tuition Beneficial?

Getting a home tutor from an English tuition centre in Singapore gives you children the benefit of one-to-one interaction. As the tutor gets a lot of time alone with the students, he or she can understand the difficulty that the students face. This will help them to alter the teaching method accordingly. Unlike in schools, these teachers don't have the compulsion of having to teach in a particular method.

A tutor from the English tuition centres will give a lot of exercises in writing. The worst fear for most students is the writing assignment. Students in the Junior College level must score well in the GP and here writing assignments have a lot of importance. Unless the students become good in writing language it is not easy to score well in the GP.

A Better Environment For Learning

Home is where the students are most free. It is a place they are familiar with and will express themselves frankly. The tutor gets to know the real difficulty the students face with English. This allows the teacher from the tuition centre to explain the portions in detail which the students find difficult. They are also able to understand whether the students have grasped what is being taught by repeatedly questioning them. This is not possible in school or in a tuition class where there are many students.

Private English tuition allows the students to learn at their pace. All students cannot grasp a subject at the same pace. Some students may find certain parts of the language difficult. Only a home tutor can gather this information and give more emphasis on those portions. in school, the teachers must teach at a pace that will help them finish the whole syllabus within the school year. Home tutors don't have this compulsion. They aim to make difficult portions easy for the students.

The students need not waste their time traveling to a class when the English tuition classes are conducted at home. This saves a lot of time that they can use for mastering the language. The student also can use that time for the other subjects and languages that cannot be ignored.

You can check the English tuition fees for your students on the internet. You also get a chance to choose the most suitable teacher for your child's requirements. This kind of customization is not possible in a tuition centre. Use the benefits of a home tutor and ensure that your children gain proficiency in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

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