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The A-level or Junior College level is a very important stage in a student’s life. This is where the student prepares himself to join university once he has passed the A-level exam. It is very important to get high marks in this exam so that he can join a university of his choice for his favorite course. At the A-level, a student must study mother tongue and General Paper which are compulsory subjects. Apart from this, the student can select four subjects from the Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced level subjects. These can be from Arts, Science or Commerce stream.

Score High in the A-level Exam with Tuition Grader

The A-Level education and exams are very tough. These are kept this way so that the student will find it easier at university levels. Once the student goes to the university there will be even lesser amount of personal attention and it is better for him to study all the subjects very well in the Junior College itself. Many students find General Paper very tough as it involves having a lot of general knowledge and good analytical thinking. It requires a good teacher to make the student become good at the GP and score well. The student will have to be taught to think critically and write in his own words.

Tuition Grader offers a lot of tutors who can give the students a very good A level tuition. Our teachers are highly experienced and qualified. They will make the student become masters in all the subjects and score high in the A-level exam.

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