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The A-level or Junior College level is a very important stage in a student’s life. This is where the student prepares himself to join university once he has passed the A-level exam. It is very important to get high marks in this exam so that he can join a university of his choice for his favorite course. At the A-level, a student must study mother tongue and General Paper which are compulsory subjects. Apart from this, the student can select four subjects from the Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced level subjects. These can be from Arts, Science or Commerce stream.

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Score High in the A-level Exam with Tuition Grader

The A-Level education and exams are very tough. These are kept this way so that the student will find it easier at university levels. Once the student goes to the university there will be even lesser amount of personal attention and it is better for him to study all the subjects very well in the Junior College itself. Many students find General Paper very tough as it involves having a lot of general knowledge and good analytical thinking. It requires a good teacher to make the student become good at the GP and score well. The student will have to be taught to think critically and write in his own words.

Tuition Grader offers a lot of tutors who can give the students a very good A level tuition. Our teachers are highly experienced and qualified. They will make the student become masters in all the subjects and score high in the A-level exam.

Getting Over a Level in the Best Manner

There is no doubt about the importance of your A Level Tuition in Singapore. You must pass A Level Exam well with very high marks if you must get admission to the best colleges in Singapore. At this level, you have the option of choosing some of the subjects that you think you will be studying in college. It is time for you to decide what stream you will study in college and prepare for it. A Level is very important in another sense that this is where you get prepared for your university education. It is essential that you get past the A Level in the best manner and get into the best colleges for your favorite course.

Why Is A Level So Difficult For The Students?

When they come to the A level there is a sudden increase in the difficulty level of the syllabus. This is kept in such a way, keeping in mind the fact that the student will straight go to the university from there. University is a place where there is neither any spoon-feeding nor any special attention to any students. Things move very fast and you must cope up with it or drop out. So, your A Levels are meant to be a hint about what is to come in the future. Things can be really difficult for a student without a good A Level Tuition in Singapore.

Another important fact is that keeping the A Level hard will ensure that there is that much less rush at the universities and they are able to manage the education well at that level. Many countries suffer because their A Levels are a lot easier and they find themselves with an overwhelming number of people trying for the universities.

The government has always stressed the need for the best standards in education. This has made it necessary for the A Levels to be at a very high standard. This is one reason why education in Singapore is highly valued outside. Most universities outside Singapore are glad to admit students from Singapore because they know that they are above the international standards. This has also made a degree from Singapore more valuable when it comes to getting a job.

One of the main attractions for multinationals who set up their operations in Singapore is the availability of highly skilled people to work for those companies. Singapore is able to provide the companies with people who can be employed at higher levels in the office because of its high standards of education. This means that Singapore youngsters are able to get the best jobs in the global companies and their struggle at the A Levels are soon forgotten when they see the hefty pay packets.

How Do You Get Good Marks In A level?

If the A levels are so tough how do students manage to get good marks? How is it that so many students are making it to the universities and studying their preferred courses? There are few things that everyone can practice to make the going easy in the A Level. One of the things to practice is time management. You must practice many question papers and see how well you are able to answer the questions within the time given. This is very important in A level, as the time given is just enough for you to answer all the questions.

Another thing that is very important for students to ace the exams is to be surrounded by students who are ambitious. Peer pressure is very important to make you work hard. When you are in the company of students who are constantly achieving higher grades you naturally would like to be the odd one out. You will certainly work harder and achieve better grades. There is no alternative to putting in more hours for your A Levels and forgetting about everything else for the time being. However, many students have experienced stunning improvements from A Level Tuition in Singapore over the years.

Understand what is being taught. Never leave the class unless you have cleared all your doubts. The more doubts you have the more you are going to be trouble even by simple questions. You can stop the teacher and get your doubts cleared. Another important thing is that memorizing doesn’t help you at all. You must understand the process. You must learn the basics and understand how things work instead of just memorizing. This will help you to answer the indirect type of questions that are regularly asked at the A Levels.

The Best Support You Can Get Is Home Tuition

The best way to supplement all your hard work is by getting home tuition. There is no way you can understand everything at school. Your teachers have no time to individually explain things to each student. If you want to be really prepared for the A level exam and ace it, then the A Level tuition is the only way out. Get yourself a good tutor and ensure that you get everything cleared by him or her.

Home tuitions are much better because you won't waste your time and energy traveling to a tuition centre Singapore. The home tuition that you get from online tuition providers is extremely good because they are experienced in teaching A level pupils and know exactly how to prepare you for the exams. Home tuitions are not as expensive as you would imagine and it is money that is well spent for your future.

Enabling Students To Score High Marks In A-Level

Many students dread the thought of A-Level exams. There is a lot of pressure to score very high marks in A-Level because it is the only way they can get into their preferred course in a good college in Singapore. High marks in the A-Level guarantees you admission to the best universities in Singapore and other countries around the world.

What Is A-Level?

A-Level is the short name for the Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. The Ministry of Education, University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board collaborate to hold the A-Level exams annually. The exams can be taken either by attending classes in a Junior College or privately studying for it.

Passing the A-Level exams with high marks gives the students the power to choose the subjects they like and the top universities in the world for their higher studies. The top universities like Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore too, give more preference to students who passed the A-Level than those with a diploma from a Polytechnic. Because of these reasons, scoring very high marks in this exam has become crucial.

The Difficulties In Scoring High Marks In A-Level

So, why do students find it difficult to score high in the A-Level? Firstly, the syllabus is much more difficult than what they faced at school. The exam methods are also different from what they have undertaken in the past. Both of these factors combine to make it difficult to score high. The volume of what they must study is too high for the short two years that they get. This is why despite putting a lot of hard work, the students are unable to score high in the A-Level exams.

In addition to this, there is also the pressure to score very high marks if they want to get admission in a good university. Not all students are equally good in all the subjects. Because of the speed at which subjects are taught in school, and the lack of personal attention, most of the students are unable to grasp everything that is being taught. This results in their scoring low marks in these subjects. This will greatly affect the morale of the students.

How Do Tuitions Help Students?

The main advantage of A-Level tuition in Singapore is that the student can get more attention to the subject that he or she is weak in. Unlike the school, home tuitions offer the students a chance to ask all the doubts they have. When there is personal attention from the tutor the students can clear all the doubts and make sure they are thorough in the subjects that are difficult for them. When it is home tuition, there are no distractions and the students get the complete attention of the teacher.

When the A-Level private tutor spends time alone with the students, they are also able to understand why the students find difficulty in the subject. If a student has not understood particular portions in a subject because of the way it was taught, the teacher will change the method and ensure that the student has completely understood the part. This kind of attention is unavailable either at school or in the tuition centres. The home tutors are also experts in getting the students to study with a clear focus on examinations.

Advantage Of Home Tuition Over Tuition Centres

Tuition centres are more or less like schools. There are many students in the class and getting personal attention is difficult. Many students in school fail to clear their doubts as they are ashamed of raising doubts in front of their friends. This is the same situation in a tuition centre also. But when it comes to home tuition the student can freely ask any questions without fear of being ridiculed.

Contrary to popular belief, A-Level tuition rates are not more than fees at the tuition centres. Experienced and highly qualified teachers are available for home tuitions at a lesser cost. The tutors make sure that the students are ready to face the exam and score high marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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