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Why Tuition Is Important in Singapore


01 Oct 2020

Students come across bumps throughout their academic journeys. Where Singapore is prominent for its concrete education system, home tuitions are still very common in the country. It is not surprising because the syllabus in both public and international schools is quite tricky. And the competition between the students is always very high.

According to one research by the Straits Times, parents in Singapore spend anywhere from $155 to $260 a month to facilitate tuition for their children. Many students usually juggle between private tutors throughout their day in order to get extra attention and assistance in their studies.

So it is quite apparent that tuition services in Singapore are an integral part of the education system. But is there really a need for tuition? How can you choose the right tuition services? In the following blog, we will take you through the benefits and importance of tuition to help you make the right decision

Tuition Singapore

Best home tuition Singapore

In schools, teachers are unable to pay individual attention to every student’s needs. They give their lessons and conduct the examinations. But learning is more than just getting the lecture and appearing for a task. What about the skills of students? What about their strengths and weaknesses?

This is how home tuitions are different from school lectures. Tuition teachers are able to curate their learning plans according to the needs of the students. They are usually more available to answer the queries of the students. They can also work with the parents to formulate the learning plans and focus on the weak points of the students.


While it is not possible to choose your teachers in school, it is possible to decide which tutor you want to hire for the tuitions. Many centres have tuition portals that allow the students to assess the capabilities of the teachers. They can also take demo classes and evaluate the teaching style of the tutor.

Identify your goal

When choosing a private tutor or tuition centre, it is essential to know what you are looking for. For instance, if you want one-on-one sessions, you can hire a private tutor to get individual attention. Fees are also crucial to consider, so your budget can align with the monthly expenses. Most importantly, you should identify the areas in which you want to work, making sure that the tutor you are hiring can help in resolving those problems.

Supplementary Benefits of Tuition

Many lessons in school are delivered in a way that is understood by the majority. In this way, schools don’t consider the learning abilities and weaknesses of the students. On the other hand, every teacher has a different teaching style, which does not correspond to the learning needs of the students always.

Accordingly, home tuition can provide enhanced learning opportunities for students. Students experience pressure to perform well. But it is crucial that they also pick skills and knowledge, instead of aiming for the high grades only. Private home tutors can help the students in brushing up their concepts and having fun while learning.

Child’s learning needs


A common misconception is that every student needs home tuition. Students usually fall under this trap when they see their friends and peers taking tuitions. However, only those who feel they are unable to learn well from schools should go for tuition. In some cases, parents also prefer primary school tuition when they don’t have enough time to give to their children.

Tuition Agency & its relevance in Singapore

If you google “Tuition teacher Singapore” you’ll find many tuition agencies in the country. A tuition agency in Singapore basically helps the parents in finding the right private tutors for their children and also help the private tutors in getting tuition assignments. In this way, the prominent role of a tuition agency is to match the students with appropriate tuition tutors.

Child’s Aptitude

You might ask which is the best tuition agency in Singapore. There is no right answer to this question. The tuition agency you choose depends upon your unique requirements. Each tuition agency comes with its own guarantees. However, it is always best to see the track record of the agency and evaluate the performance of the students who have previously studied there.

Is Private Tuition Important?

A private tutor can work one-on-one with students to improve their grades and correct their concepts. Private tuition can prove to be extremely helpful for slow learners who cannot study at the pace of the rest of the class. Private tuition is also useful for students who need extra attention and focus when studying.

Proper attention

Tuition centres in Singapore are particularly preferred because they provide proper attention to the students. In schools, teachers have to manage a class of more than 15 students, which makes it difficult for individuals to get necessary feedback and support in studying. But private tuition can create unique study plans according to the child’s abilities. Personalized study plans can help the teacher in identifying the weak points of the student. Teachers can easily observe and monitor the progress of the students, providing feedback to the parents whenever necessary.

Overestimation of self-directed learning

It appears that many students overestimate their skills in learning and assessments. Many studies in the academic literature have identified that low-performers particularly tend to overestimate their capabilities. In this regard, it is crucial for educators to design programs in such a manner that the needs of low-achievers can be fulfilled. Such programs are possible to be curated in private tuition centres where tutors can work with students individually and focus on their weaknesses.

Excellent Teaching

Tuition in Singapore is also preferred because private tutors are considered very competent in their fields. Many tutors are graduates in particular fields, which makes them well-equipped with knowledge and skills. Their expertise guides students in reaching their academic aspirations.


Tuition centres also select the tutors after conducting a hefty background check, ensuring that the individuals they are working with are not the only expert in the subjects but are credible and trustworthy as well.


While academic life is full of fun, it can also get challenging at times. Students, particularly in high school and colleges, experience stress because of high loads of homework, expectations, and tasks. They have to deal with SATs, class examinations, and extracurricular activities as well.

With competition rising in the academic sphere, students also come under the stress from peer pressure. And not to forget, parents are also involved in forcing their children to work hard and score better. This is where tuition in Sg fits in the picture. Students who are constantly anxious about their grades can take support from private tutors and work on their mistakes.

Group vs Individual Tuition

Tuition Centres provide various options for studying. One of them is the group tuitions, which involve several tutors who work with a certain number of students at a time. Group tuitions usually take place in tuition centres or classrooms. They are best for quick and fast-paced learners. Collaborative learning can also bring more creativity and innovation in the classroom. However, students cannot get personalized attention when studying in group tuitions.

On the other hand, individual tuition works best for learners who cannot study at the same pace as other students or have specific learning needs. The tutor can curate the lessons according to the requirements of the student and also monitor the progress of the child. However, private tuition does not provide opportunities for interaction with other students.

Find a Personal Tutor

A good way to hire a tutor is to search for them online. Doing so can allow you to see their reputation, find answers to the queries, and get the prices. It is also a good practice to visit the centre for more information, so you can rest assured that the tutor you are hiring is competent, credible, and trustworthy as well.

Tuition Services For All Subjects

As a student, you might need help with various types of subjects. Fortunately, in Singapore, you can find tuition for any subject you study. Before making your choice, you should know what you are looking for, so you can select the right tuition centre.

Maths Tuition Centre

MathsTuition Centre is very popular in Singapore. While math is an essential subject, students struggle in all sorts of topics, be it graphs, statistics, or calculus. Mathematics also requires a hefty amount of practice. In this regard, private tutors can make the concepts easier for the students and help them practice questions.

A level tuition

A level tuition is also essential for some students because A level is particularly challenging. Students in their last years of college have to prepare for SATs as well, so it can be quite challenging to spend adequate time preparing for A level exams. Accordingly, A level tuition can prove to be useful.

English Tuition Centre

When it comes to language, English is a crucial subject. Many students speak more than one language, which is why they are not very proficient in English. The texting culture has also destructed the literary skills of the students. English tuitions in Singapore aim to work on these problems and make English a fun subject for the students.

Chemistry Tuition Singapore

As one of the STEM subjects, Chemistry is very complicated. Students have to learn not only difficult concepts but they are also expected to know challenging experiments can be performed. Accordingly, chemistry tuition in Singapore can help students in learning concepts and also applying them in practical situations.

POA Tuition

POA Tuitions can help the students in developing a constructive understanding of financial concepts and getting good grades in accounting. Students who don’t have primary backgrounds in accounting can particularly benefit from the tuitions where the learning plans can be curated according to their needs.

Physics Tuition

Physics is also a challenging subject, as it tests the scientific concepts of students, together with their capability to use these concepts in real-life situations and use mathematical components to resolve word problems. Therefore, physics tuition in Singapore works best for those who are aiming for high grades but don’t have the skills to do so.

JC Tuition

JC Tuitions are designed to support students in passing their junior colleges with flying colours. Students at this stage of their academic journey have to deal with myriads of tasks. They are expected to perform good in school and extracurricular. If managing your studies is becoming hard, JC tuitions are what you need.

Chinese Tuition

Chinese tuition in Singapore can work on the students of the students from the foundation to the advanced level. Whether you are studying Chinese in school as part of your syllabus or you are learning the language in order to move abroad, tuition services can help you get the best possible result.

Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition is curated for all those students who find economics concept very difficult. Students can take either H1 economics or H2 economics, depending upon their needs. Many tutors design the syllabus of the classes in a concise manner, so students can get adequate time for self-study.

Science Tuition

Be it chemistry, biology, computer, or physics, you can get science tuition in an effortless manner. The best tuition centres understand the unique problems of the students, work on their problem-solving skills, and help them complete the past papers.

O level tuition

O level tuition is also a very popular mode of study. Many students rely on crash courses when they are running out of time or need a quick review of the syllabus. You too can take o level tuition and aim for the best grades.

PSLE Tuition

PSLE Tuitionis designed to make the concepts easier and fun for the students. With active problem-solving, students are motivated to explore their potential, harness new opportunities, and find the answers to difficult questions.

In The End

Where students are fortunate to study in private and public schools, there is no shame in taking academic support from private tutors. They can work on the unique requirements of the students, provide a progress report to the parents, and help them get the best grades in the class.