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A Little Support Now Can Help Them Have a Great Future


8 Aug 2019

Children like to be the best students in their classes. It gives them a lot of pride and they can be the centre of attraction. Students who get good marks are the stars in every school. Teachers and other students love and respect them. Other than all these getting good marks in school is very important for the future. College admissions are very difficult and unless the student has extremely good grades it is difficult to get into a good college for their preferred course.

Why Do Students Score Less?

It is clear now that good marks are crucial to secure a good future for the student. But there is a need to understand why students get low marks even when they are intelligent. One of the common reasons is that they don't study in a proper way. Their reading the lessons is not productive and this results in low marks. They don't read to understand and grasp the basics. This is very important.

Time management is another big issue. Students don’t know how to allocate time for each subject and study according to that timetable. Many schools don’t teach with a view to making students understand the fundamentals. They are too focused on exams and getting as many students to pass the exams. Some school teachers are so busy that they are unable to address individual students’ issues. This will lead to the student not being interested in the subject and subsequently scoring low marks. Lack of knowledge of answering questions and finishing the exam in time are also reasons for low marks.

Handling Low Scoring In Exams

It is very difficult for students to handle the issue when they score less and their friends have got good scores. They tend to lose confidence in themselves. They will be so disturbed that they will not be able to study and this will result in their scoring even lesser marks in subsequent exams. It is essential to build confidence in the child.

Parents should avoid comparing their children with others when they score less. They should try to understand the problem faced by the student and help them out of it. You must make the child understand that you are as concerned about it as they are. That will give them the feeling that they are not alone to face the problem.

You must go through what happened and find where the student has gone wrong. But this is not possible for all parents. A good tutor can help a lot in finding mistakes and correcting them.

The Advantages of Home Tuitions

Tuition centres are good at coaching the students for getting good marks in the exams. But like the school, there is no individual attention at the tuition centres. Moreover, traveling to a tuition centre every day will need a lot of time. Students will also become tired once they are back from the tuition and this will leave hardly any time for their school work. Students are already short of time and this trip will surely be a strain for them.

Home tuition in Singapore is becoming more and more popular because of the excellent benefits that they offer to the students. The first benefit is that there is complete attention on the student. The tutor and student spend time together which enables them to understand the problems and find solutions. The tutors are experienced to know what makes the students score low marks. This will help the student to correct the mistakes.

Home tutors will also coach the students on allocating time for each subject and how to answer questions in the exam within the time. They will make the students answer old question papers so that the student gets familiar with the pattern. While keeping exams in focus the home tutors will also familiarize the students about how each subject finds a place in our daily lives and this will make it easy for the students to understand the basic principles.

Getting the Right Tuition for the Students

Parents should put their efforts into getting the right tutor for their children. If you want physics tuition in Singapore the best place to look for it is the internet where you will find the tuition portals. You can feed your needs in these portals and get the best tutor for your child. You must know everything about the tutor from the portals and make sure that he or she is fit for your child. These tutors are allocated based on your child’s class and where you reside. This will make it easy for the tutor to visit the student and spend as much time as possible. You can also get a quote from the portal and know how much you will have to pay for the tuition. The tutor will certainly make sure your child scores high marks in the next physics test.

Scoring high in the PSLE is very important if the student wants to get his favorite subjects at the secondary school level. Home tutors who take the primary school tuition in Singapore know very well to prepare the students for the exam without putting too much pressure on them.