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A Level & English Tuition In Singapore


28 Oct 2020

Many students have the potential to bag good grades in the class. But they require help beyond the classrooms to understand difficult concepts and practise the questions. It is widespread for students to take tuition in Singapore, especially for A Level and English. And the benefits of getting tuition are enormous.

A level Tuition

All About A Level

A Level is one of the most popular qualifications, endorsed by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). A Level is basically a subject-based qualification that paves the path for students to enter University, training, and work. Composed of AS and A2, it is usually for two years. Students have to complete their AS level before they can take the A Level.

Students can sit in exams two times a year – May/June and October/November. Students have the choice to either sit separately for AS and A2 exams or appear for the exams during the same periods. So how hard A Level really is?

Though difficult level depends upon various factors, such as the subject and how much efforts you are putting in, it can be agreed that A Level requires some serious study. This is why many students opt for A level tuition, hoping to get extra attention from the tutors and a more personalized study schedule.

Top A Level tutors

Many students looking for the tuition ask “Who is the best teacher to study from?” With so many tutors in the country, it can be quite challenging to categorize them. So it is always better that you conduct some research in the local area for the teachers. Your friends and seniors might be studying from some teachers already.

You can take recommendations from them. Visiting the tuition centre and getting details about the tutor is also a good option. It all depends on what skills and support you expect from a teacher. For instance, if you want to practise your concepts instead of learning them, then you can look for a teacher who pays attention to practise.

A Level Maths Tutors


Maths is a compulsory subject in schools and colleges in Singapore. But other than being mandatory, it is also an extremely crucial subject that can develop critical thinking and academic skills of students. A Level Maths is quite challenging and extensive, requiring months of efforts. Whether you are unable to understand lectures in the class or you want to practise more, A Level Tuition can prove to be a viable option.

A Level Chemistry Tutors

Chemistry is a pre-requisite for many courses at the University. With the popularity of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), chemistry is a very crucial subject. However, the transition from studying pure chemistry in school to opting for a more complex subject in A Level is a real stride. Many students are unable to learn everything. They might even be weak in basic concepts. Accordingly, A Level tuition for chemistry can help struggling students.

A Level French Tutors

You might want to go to France for higher studies. Maybe you are interested in the subject for the sake of it. Regardless of why you are studying French, tuition for the subject can help in brushing your verbal and written skills. Tuition can be organized in a way that suits your needs, allowing you to study at your own convenience.

A Level Law Tutors


A Level Law is one of the toughest subjects you can study. The subject is a constant source of stress for students. As a law student, you might find yourself stranded in the subject too. With tuition, you can take help from professionals in improving your concepts and learning how to apply them in real-life settings. Tutors also tend to monitor the progress of students and make adjustments in their learning curriculum accordingly.

A Level Physics Tutors

Just like Maths and Chemistry, Physics is also a popular subject in Singapore. Where O Level builds basic concepts in Physics, A Level adds on the topic and make it a much more complicated subject. As a result, many students find it tough to navigate through the subject, especially if they don’t have good teachers in the school. A Level tuition can equip the students will all the required concepts that are needed to get good grades.

A Level Spanish Tutors

Many students are now opting for Spanish in Singapore. The language is getting very popular across the world, and it is a requirement to know Spanish before you can apply to some international Universities. However, many schools don’t offer Spanish. This is why private tuitions can help you in learning the language, practising it, and solving the papers.

A Level Art Tutors

Students studying Art in A Level are sometimes unable to understand the pattern of the examinations. They need extra support in understanding how to navigate through the subject and enhance their skills. In this regard, A Level tutors can support you in acing the subject. You can also opt for one-on-one tuitions in case you want a more flexible learning schedule.

English Tuition

English is as popular as it can be. Not only it is a significant subject in school, but it is also crucial when it comes to interacting with people from all around the world. So it makes sense that you would want to invest extra efforts in the subject and learn more.

Fluency in English

Many students opt for English tuition in Singapore when they want to be fluent in the language. Fluency comes off from grasping the grammar basics, learning the essential words, and practising it every day. Tuition centres can come up with a personalized learning plan for you by assessing how much you know and what you need to cover. Tuition centres can also pair you up with other individuals to facilitate your learning. You should remember that fluency is built over time, so you need to be patient when learning the language.

About English Grammar

English Tuition Centres focus a lot on English grammar as well. The purpose of English grammar is to ensure that you are confident when speaking and know how to frame basic sentences when writing. After all, grammar is the blueprint of the language. By knowing grammar, you are also able to listen and read the language in an effective manner. Therefore, when you are learning English, your goal should be to understand the basics of grammar and then implement them in your practice. Whether you are appearing for an O Level exam in English or just learning the language for your own goal, grammar should be your key focus.

Activities In English Class

It appears that games and fun activities are crucial for teaching English. Games can be used to make the lessons more interactive and fun. English tuitions usually focus on group activities to make learning less stressful. Games such as hangman, Simon Says, and Word Jumble are quite a common sight. You can also find these games online at home.

Best Way To Learn English

You might be stressing out, wondering how you can even learn a new language. But with stress, you will only be decreasing your motivation. While tuitions can help you to get on track, you should also make individual efforts to learn English. In doing so, practice is essential. You should make a study plan, establish a routine, and stick to it. By putting yourself in an English speaking environment, you will also be able to practise your skills.

When making a study plan, remember that you need to practise four crucial skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking. By setting attainable goals, you will be able to learn the subject well. Many students make the mistakes of outlining unachievable goals, which only make things difficult for them. For instance, if you can’t study for five hours in a day, then you shouldn’t put anything like this on the schedule.


Online resources can prove to be quite helpful in case you want extra support. There are a lot of blogs, games, videos, and lessons available, covering all sorts of topics. As you learn more words, write them down in the notebook and practise them from time to time. Memorizing a lot of things at once is not a doable technique. Your goal should be to learn well and not learn more.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes. Learning something new is a constant process. You might not get everything. You might fail in tests and not be able to keep at the same pace as your peers. But eventually, with time, you will be able to learn the language. In this regard, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting help too. Stick to a study plan that will work for you and review everything from time to time. You will be good to go!

Final Words

Whether you are stick in Physics or don’t know how to solve Law cases, reach out for help. Tuitions can help you get the best grades in class and be a successful student.